I was inspired to put memory into action by allowing my line to walk through an area of a city I once knew well. The line was proposed as a drawing and the juxtaposition of rocks in the way was a metaphorical and a rather humorous contemplation.

 Place Ink on Tracing Paper  Place gouche on tracing paper  Place gouache on tracing paper  Place Water color + Graphite on Gampi  Place graphite on gampi  Place ink on tracing paper
 Place Pigment, Ink, distemper on paper  Place ink on paper  Place mixed media on layered tracing papers  Place collage mixed media on multiple layered papers  Place ink on tracing paper  Place gouche, ink on acetate
 Place Pigments,Collage on Mylar  Place gouche,ink on paper  Place Mixed Media  Place Tempera on paper  Place Dye on Gampi  Place dye on gampi